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HomeroHomero's story begins a humble one Born in Mexico, raised in Texas of Italian and Irish decent. As a very young child going back and forth from the USA to Mexico, Homero began to appreciate both Latin and American music.

He took a leap of faith moving to Los Angeles California where he met Donald Baldwin. Baldwin had been signed to Motown for several years working as a keyboardist and songwriter with Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Bonnie pointer to name a few. Homero and Baldwin began writing new songs.

During these times Homero kept singing and performing all over Los Angeles California. One regular gig was at Cirro's Pomadoro in Beverly Hills where Homero met Madonna, Kristina Crawford who wrote "Mommy Dearest", made friends with regulars like Martha Raye and Jackie Stalone. In short time, Bill Tozer discovered Homero and proposed that he sing in Spanish. Homero followed with some beautiful music and lyrics in Spanish which brought this singer songwriter into the limelight.

Homero is currently working on two new CD's and videos
Padre Island Records

Homero is currently working on the release of a new full length CD and more music videos.